Lie Detection 101 for Financial Analysts: How to Spot Manipulators and Actors

Financial analysts are in the business of evaluating the truth of information. But there is a shocking lack of academic research about how financial analysts can improve their lie and deception detection skills even though the monetary stakes are measured in trillions (choose your currency).

We hope to remedy this situation by covering the topic of lie detection regularly on this blog. For my inaugural piece on the topic, read “Lie Detection: How Can Financial Analysts Improve Their Ability to Discern the Truth?” What follows below in this series is a review and synopsis of what many criminal justice researchers and practitioners consider to be the standard-bearer among classic texts on the subject: Detecting Lies and Deceit: The Psychology of Lying and the Implications for Professional Practice by Aldert Vrij, professor of applied social psychology at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom. Written in nonclinical language, Vrij’s book provides many penetrating insights about lying and deceitful behavior that provide the groundwork for understanding this important financial industry topic.

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